Institute of Technology, Cork

Through a competitive public procurement process Lawler Consulting were appointed as MEP Engineers on the Framework for Projects within Cork Institute of Technology.


One of the projects appointed to us was an Energy Strategy for the Sports Complex at concept design stage. The aim of our sustainability analysis was to design and implement a low energy design through passive and active measures in order to minimise running costs of the facility and ensure long term commercial viability. • A rainwater harvesting system was designed to make use of rain water which would feed urinals and toilets therefore reducing the amount of water being taken from the other resources. • It was recommended that the I.T. make use of solar thermal heating in order to reduce the amount of hot water being produced and therefore lowering the costs associated with hot water generation. • Natural ventilation was utilised indoors which cut back on costs of air-conditioning and lighting controls were implemented to control times that lights are turned on and off. • The more stringent revision of Part L of the building regulations which incorporates Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) required Lawler Consulting to revisit this energy strategy. By combining innovative technologies we have been able to improve the energy rating of the Complex with minimal capital cost to the client. Lawler Consulting have recently been appointed by Cork I.T. for a refurbishment project, the refurbishment and upgrade of MEP services to the 1974 building on the Campus.

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