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Lawler Consulting has been working within the hotel sector for almost four decades. We understand that hotel trends are changing and therefore we must keep up if we are to help our client beat the competition and meet customer expectations.

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There are already a handful of zero energy hotels, however a number of those will go beyond solar panels wind turbines by actually cleaning the air in the building and make the environment better therefore taking further steps to building sustainability and energy efficiency.

The hotel rooms of the future in particular will change. Rooms will be smaller with less clutter and smaller furniture but provide everything from environmental control to virtual reality. Lobby spaces too will become a social space for many and allow for the perfect mix of business and leisure.

Newpark Hotel

"Raising Customer Expectations"

Extending our experience to the leisure sector, we have assisted a number of leisure and fitness centres with mechanical and electrical upgrades as well as energy reduction programmes and energy efficiency upgrades.

Croke Park

As people get busier and busier, people will be spending less on traditional leisure activities but more time doing what is needed in terms of health.

Integrating electronic technologies such as health monitors, workout recording technologies and televisions are becoming a trend in fitness centres with people requiring a more detailed understanding of their workout.

Lawler Consulting are always looking to work on something different! If you have a project in the pipeline and would like to discuss with us how together we can bring your building to life, give us a call!

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