Energy Reduction

Do you have high building running costs and want to reduce your energy bills?

Energy Reduction

By addressing your energy management not only will help your business save money on its energy bills, it will also help achieve the highest levels of environmental performance. Together with our sister company, Lawler Sustainability, we have 40 years experience in improving energy reduction and energy revenue streams. We offer various energy efficiency performance services from energy auditing to energy monitoring and reporting to energy-focused upgrades and maintenance services to help decrease your energy costs. There are a number of funding mechanisms available for energy services including grant schemes as well full or shared finance options.

Energy Audits & Bill Analysis

Lawler Consulting carries out all levels of energy audits, from quick, preliminary audits to full investment proposals. The audits involve spreadsheet calculations, degree day and temperature frequency analysis as well as building computer simulations and modelling.

The reports and calculations are always extensively vetted by a Professional Engineer, to ensure the highest quality of work. When we see the breakdown of our energy bills, many can be surprised by the energy it takes to power simple utility technologies such as white goods, kettles, small plug-in appliances etc.

Our Utility Energy Audits will give you a step-by-step breakdown as to what is consuming your energy, what you can do to reduce it and possible upgrading opportunities to ensure your building is costing you as little as possible.

Energy Monitoring & Reporting

Installing energy metering as part of the building management facilities allows for maximum demand controls, energy cost auditing for departments or building zones, and the implementation of energy usage targets. Through the connection of data loggers to the buildings electrical systems, Lawler Consulting can measure the current which runs through the equipment.

When the data loggers are collected, we can then review the data and see all peaks and troughs in the building’s load. Many businesses use this as a stepping stone to carrying out a complete Energy Audit because once they see where their energy bills come from and the possible savings opportunities, they are eager to do something about it.

We help clients set realistic energy usage targets and recommend ways to improve energy performance. Energy targets are identified by compiling data drawn from analytical tools, building computer models and Energy Audits. Throughout our years of building analysis and energy audits, we have established benchmarks in all areas and building types.

When we initially meet our client, we talk through these benchmarks with the client to compare an energy-efficient building and one that is not so. It is through these meetings with clients that we explain the small differences in the buildings and the opportunities that we see in their building! We pride ourselves in setting realist annual targets – not pulling extravagant numbers from thin air. We will always show you our figures and methodology too, and even give you a full report on the topic.

Lawler Consulting understands that energy and target road mapping is a clear and concise way of detailing year on year targets and as a result, we provide this service to some of the biggest retail and leisure names.


Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Plant evaluation studies are undertaken for the purpose of assessing the most appropriate plant renewal or alternative energy systems. Lawler Consulting recognises that the primary considerations for a client are capital cost, running cost and statutory obligations and therefore will ensure that any of the systems that we recommend will be beneficial to you and be compliant with any statutory obligations.

We help clients set realistic energy usage targets and recommend ways to improve energy performance, therefore improving their overall energy efficiency. The end goal for many of our clients is energy efficiency because they understand that perks such as lower running costs and reduced carbon footprints come with it.

Energy efficiency upgrades include:-

  1. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC),
  2. LED Lighting Upgrades
  3. Renewable & Smart Technology Integrations.

Energy Facilities Management

Our responsibility of a building doesn’t just leave us once it is handed over to the client, it is our responsibility to maintain the continued operation of the building including all mechanical and electrical equipment and upgrading of the building internal and external facilities.

This certainly makes our MEP designs more comprehensive and with more stringent standards the added complexity of installing heat pumps, solar panels and other technologies and innovations means, together with our sister company Lawler Sustainability, we can offer a full packaged service that our competitors cannot offer.

Our mission at Lawler Consulting is to make our buildings more energy-efficient, cost-effective to operate and sustainable. And when our buildings are not running at optimal efficiency, the equipment is replaced!




Energy Grants & Schemes

Our sustainability engineers can identify accelerated capital allowance (ACA) and grant applications for the funding of alternative energy solutions (AES) which result in a benefit to the client’s wallet and the environment. Applicable AES technologies include biomass boiler plant, CHP, heat pumps, solar and photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and waste heat recovery systems.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) make grants available throughout the year for a number of energy services. In the past, we have applied for grants of behalf of clients for LED lighting upgrades, pool & plant equipment upgrades and boiler & heating system upgrades.

We can also maximise funding mechanisms such as grant schemes, tax breaks, energy credits and technology providers and offer full or shared finance options. For more information please get in touch today!

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