New State of the Art Brown Thomas Store in Dundrum

Dundrum, Co. Dublin
63,000 Sq Ft
Brown Thomas Dundrum

Lawler Consulting is proud to have been involved in the development of the new state-of-the-art Brown Thomas store in Dundrum, Co. Dublin.

Our team provided full MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) design and consulting services on the project. We also devised a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy for the department store.


Brown Thomas Dundrum

Opening in February 2022, the new store covers nearly 63,000 square feet and utilises both floors of the old House of Fraser outlet.

This large-scale refit project came in at a budget of €12 million. The new store will see the creation of almost 400 jobs.


MEP Design – Hidden Services

Brown Thomas’s vision for the store is to “create a contemporary space – mixing physical and digital – designed to enhance the shopping experience for its customers.”

This is a vision that our expert team of design engineers was more than happy to bring to life.

To achieve this we employed ‘hidden services’ i.e. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services that incorporate seamlessly into the building’s design and are hidden from view while performing to the highest level of functionality and sustainability.


1. Sustainable Retrofit

For this project, Brown Thomas sought a more sustainable approach to retrofitting the new store from the previous tenant.

Our expertise and experience in sustainable retrofitting positioned Lawler Consulting as the perfect candidate for this development.

We began by running condition reports on the existing plants with the view to life extension and optimisation.

Another crucial early step was creating and adhering to a budget. We then proceeded to allocate that budget efficiently, creating value solutions that enable Brown Thomas to achieve its net-zero goals.

We worked closely with Brown Thomas right from project commission to the store opening, ensuring all ascetic, business, and sustainability requirements were not only met, but exceeded.

Brown Thomas has extensive CSR commitments thus, it is crucial that the new store contributes positively to the environmental branch of its CSR strategy.

While it was a complex retrofit to complete, taking this route catered to the long-term strategy of Brown Thomas and it has paid dividends in terms of environmental savings and long-term sustainability.


2. BREEAM In-Use Certification

Brown Thomas is in the process of BREEAM In USE certification.

BREEAM In-Use is an assessment and certification scheme designed to help Building Managers reduce and improve the environmental performance of existing non-domestic buildings. The scheme is structured to drive sustainability improvements in existing buildings.

This is in line with Brown Thomas’s CSR strategy and its commitment to building a sustainable brand for the future. This is investor-driven and policy-driven.

Brown Thomas has based their sustainability considerations on a science-backed approach, accessing all aspects of its supply chain – Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3.


3. Fitwel Targeting

Another aspect of the work we are doing with Brown Thomas is helping them to target Fitwel.

Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for all. Generated by expert analysis of 5,600+ academic research studies, Fitwel is implementing a vision for a healthier future where all buildings and communities are enhanced to strengthen health and well-being.

Fitwel was originally created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and U.S. General Services Administration. The CDC remains the research and evaluation partner for Fitwel. The Center for Active Design was selected as the licensed operator of Fitwel, charged with expanding Fitwel to the global market.


4. Embodied Carbon Savings

As a result of our approach to optimise the plant works within Brown Thomas we were able to achieve significant savings through Embodied Carbon Savings alone.

The items that we were able to keep as a result of our intervention include Chillers, boiler plants, ventilation ductworks, transformers, and generators. These have all been integrated into the new Building Management System we installed.



How Sustainability is Driving Retail

As well as focusing on innovation, Brown Thomas placed great emphasis on making this new store as sustainable as possible.

As experts in the field of sustainability, we devised a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the store. This strategy will ensure that Brown Thomas will continue to meet and expand on its admirable sustainability targets and set an extremely positive example for the rest of the retail market.

Our sustainability strategy identifies a clear roadmap for reducing carbon emissions and improving the overall sustainability of Brown Thomas, Dundrum.


Sustainable Offerings

The department store is offering an exciting new approach to retail in the Irish market with one of the pillars of the sustainable offering allowing shoppers to rent a curated selection of special ready-to-wear clothes and accessories.

The innovative shopping destination also offers customers an array of sustainable services with a big focus on rental, resale, and restoration across the ready-to-wear and accessories offering.


“While managing our environmental footprint, responsibly sourcing products, and supporting our people and communities, the new store will include an increased sustainable fashion offering, with an emphasis on the ‘Three Rs of Retail’ – rental, resale and restoration.” – Brown Thomas 


When it comes to making the retail space more efficient and sustainable, our offering is unique. Learn more about our work in retail.


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