Walking The Globe: We Made It!

Admittedly it is not quite the novel Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” however the Lawler Team did make “Around the World in 150 Days”.

Walking The Globe: We Made It!

Around the World in 150 Days

Admittedly it is not quite the novel Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” however the Lawler Team did make “Around the World in 150 Days” which is not bad from the busy Engineering Practice HQ’d in Kilkenny , Co.Kilkenny Ireland.

The Lawler business is made up of two companies: Lawler Consulting – their Building Services Consultancy, offering MEP design services, and Lawler Sustainability – their Building Energy Services Company. As you can imagine, the business is heavily involved with project work and staff do spend a lot of time at their desks. In order to motivate staff and improve well-being they created an internal challenge, “Step It Up March”, to improve overall staff fitness.

However “Step it up March” evolved into a company challenge of their 39 staff members (virtually, within the government advised distance-from-home guidelines) walking (the equivalent of) the circumference of the world in just 150 days – nicknamed  ‘Around The World in 150 Days’

Our Chief Technical Officer, Mr Jason Smith, said:

To walk the equivalent of around the world is 50 Million Steps in Total. This means each participating staff member would need to walk 1.2 Million Steps averaging  60,000 Steps per week. I consider myself reasonably fit but some times due to heavy work commitments I can sometimes fall short of this target so I will really have to Step It Up!!

We Made it for Pieta

Lawler started the challenge in March and successfully completed their “Around the World” Challenge within 150 Days to walk the distance of the globe – the equivalent for 50 Million Steps. As the challenge evolved from “Step It Up March” to “Around the World in 150 Days” the company took the opportunity not only to improve overall staff fitness but also to raise money for Pieta a charity for suicide and self-harm prevention.

It was an epic performance by the Lawler Team and some very creative approaches to achieving daily steps – come wind, rain or shine or chased by dogs or just plain cheating the business had some great fun reaching their fitness and fundraising goals.

Last Minute Donations Welcome

The Pieta vision is a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance. By supporting Lawler in this challenge you will also support Pieta in making their vision a reality. Suicide awareness is very relevant right now with increased cases during the pandemic, Lawler feels that support here is needed the most during these difficult times and Lawler hope you do too.

The Just Giving page is open until the end of September 2021 so any last minute donations / sponsors please go now:- Lawler – Pieta “Around the World” Donations Page

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