National Learning Network

19,000m² four storey leading edge development for individuals with disabilities through the Rehab Group.


National Learning Network

The center provides a range of flexible training programs and support services for people who need specialist help/support such as job seekers, unemployed, or those with illness or disabilities. The flagship center also provides accommodation and apartments which have been specifically designed to cater to their tenants.

Lawler Consulting provided a suite of M&E-based services to this project.

Our staff designed a high-frequency fluorescent lighting scheme utilizing occupancy sensors throughout the building. Occupancy sensors will reduce the overall running costs of the building ensuring lights are not left on after its occupants have left the room for an extended period of time.

Also included in designs was a high-efficiency gas-fired condensing boiler plant, and a building management system that could be used to control and monitor the building’s heating, air conditioning, lighting, and general energy usage.

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