Top Consulting Engineering Firm’s Rebrand Makes The Grade

Top Consulting Engineering firm’s rebrand makes the grade when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Top Consulting Engineering firm’s rebrand makes the grade when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Celebrating 40 Years in Business

A top Consulting Engineering firm has just unveiled an exciting rebrand and makeover for their business which celebrated its 40th birthday this year. The rebrand comes at a very significant time in the industry as we move towards a zero carbon future by reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment. According to the World Green Building Council building and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world, with operational emissions accounting for 28% and 11% coming from embodied carbon emissions.

M&E Design Engineers

Traditionally the company are M&E design engineers, based in Ireland with head office in Co. Kilkenny and other offices in Dublin, Cork and London, and with more stringent standards being seen in order to fully decarbonise the sector their M&E designs often include heat pumps, solar panels and other technologies and innovations.

Daniel Ring, Managing Director says:

From an engineering perspective, we design all the services within a building. Our approach to design can have a really significant impact on carbon that buildings produce, as we know buildings are one of the largest producers of carbon and therefore there is a responsibility on us to manage that”.

The company’s new strapline “A future built on sustainable design” combines their 40 years in building engineering and the integration of renewable technology whilst creating pathways for their clients around carbon reduction. Their range of energy and sustainability services is vastly growing from lighting upgrades to energy performance contracting, from daylight and sunlight analysis to life cycle cost analysis, and from sustainability rating systems to wellbeing credentials.

Award-winning innovation

With a well-established track record for excellence of service and business vision, the company’s directors set incredibly high standards in the industry by winning CIBSE Building Performance Consultancy of the Year 2020. They were praised by the judges for their innovative solutions that resulted in direct cost savings for their clients and improved energy efficiency. Projects included converting heat from poultry droppings to electricity with the excess heat used to warm the hen houses improving cost savings for the farmers and energy savings to the environment. Energy performance contracts for Dublin City Council by improving their energy performance and reducing their costs associated with exceptional maintenance. And energy modelling and value engineering for the newest Center Parc development in Longford which included 466 Scandinavian lodges, sub tropical swimming pool and award-winning Aqua Sana spa.

Delivering ambitious decarbonising targets

Because of the drive to decarbonise ambitious targets are being set and the public sector is no different with a target of 50% reduction in energy by 2030. The work with Dublin City Council which secured the company a second EPC contract also saw them winning the “Excellence in Energy Services Company Award 2020” by Excellence in Business Awards earlier this year. The contract with Dublin City Council will see energy reduction of 42%, annual carbon reduction of 640 tonnes and commercial savings of €1.5million for the council in the first contract, and a further €1 million savings on the second.

Left to right: Our directors Jonathan Culleton (Operational Director), Daniel Ring (Managing Director) and Jason Smith (Technical Director) receiving their award for “Excellence in Energy 2020” by Excellence in Business Awards earlier this year.


Jason Smith, Technical Director says:

I sum up what we do as providing sustainable business solutions for people and by that I don’t mean just sustainability in terms of green agenda and the carbon reduction, for so many of our clients sustainability is about the long term prospects from a business point of view – if we can make a massive improvement in terms of the energy consumption for our client and many of our clients in the retail and hospitality sectors who have energy bills that are an enormous part of their overheads. If we can achieve substantial improvements in energy consumption we are making a dramatic difference to the bottom line of our clients.”


A future built on Sustainable Design

The company’s vision for the future could not be more timely as David Attenborough’s new documentary: A Life on Our Planet is screened. David Attenborough describes human actions “a blind assault” on the natural world with dead oceans, melted ice caps, unpredictable weather, global food crisis, uninhabitable land as an outlook. David goes on to say by the year 2100, the world’s sixth mass extinction would be well underway. Therefore carbon neutrality is high on the world agenda and for engineering firms Lawler Consulting looking at how buildings and infrastructure can reduce embodied carbon emissions and achieve 100% net zero emissions is how they will play their part to tackle climate change. The future is bright, the future is Lawler Consulting.

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