The Watershed Leisure Centre

Energy Performance Contract for Leisure Complex and Swimming Pool

EPC Contract
The Watershed

The Watershed Leisure Centre

Following an initial energy survey, The Watershed’s energy consumption was in the region of €350,000. The facility as a public building meant it has a carbon reduction target of 33% by 2020.

Our teams performed a detailed site audit, implemented monitoring, and developed a detailed opportunities list for energy savings. This list was developed into an Energy Performance Contract and annual energy savings in the region of €75,000 were eventually achieved.

Areas targeted were the training pitches floodlighting, greater controls on indoor lighting, PIR controls in back areas, heat recovery on AHUs, pump upgrades to more efficient IE rating and inverters installed, reduced flow rates and reduced base load following night-time analysis. Maintenance savings were also made with the switching of suppliers and seeking outside expertise.

The Watershed entered its second Energy Performance Contract with us in 2019 and is set to save over 20% on its electrical energy consumption, and further significant reductions in maintenance costs per year. The energy upgrade works which were carried out consisted of the LED lighting upgrade, pump replacement, and BMS and plant optimisation.

As a result of the energy, upgrade works cost savings are expected to be in the region of €33,000 per annum.

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